September 30, 2022

Planning an event can be stressful. From the event date to the guest list, there are a lot of decisions to make in the planning process. One of the biggest decisions is where to book the event venue. We suggest booking as soon as possible (at least 10 months in advance if you can) and researching your options. To help make the process a little bit easier, we have put together a few tips to consider when choosing an event venue.


Location matters when choosing a venue for your event. Will guests be coming in from out of town and need a place to stay? Should the venue be within a short distance from an airport, train station, or interstate for easy accessibility? Is there a shuttle service? Attending guests will thank you when you consider the travel distance between transportation services and your event location. You can even provide a Google map link or directions to your event for easier guest access. Make sure there’s plenty of parking included with the location, too!


This one may seem like common sense, but you’ll need an event venue large enough to fit your guest list. On average, between 60-80% of invited guests will show up for an event. Be prepared for the 80% and choose an event venue that has the capacity to either hold your entire list (should they attend) or at least 85% of the guest list for a little wiggle room. It’s better to be safe than sorry.


Make sure to go over all the amenities of an event venue before making your decision. For example, do they offer room set-up with tables and chairs? Are linens and tablecloths included when you reserve the space? Some venues will even offer clean-up so all you have to do is show up and have a good time.

Another thing to consider is the sound system. If your event has a DJ, check whether the venue offers surround sound or speakers. A DJ will need to know what equipment to bring, and it’s easier if some audio or video equipment is provided for them. Carefully read through your contract or talk with the event planner for a clear idea on amenities included with your reservation.

Mood & Layout

Many event venues ask that you bring your own decorations, but you’ll want to get a feel for the overall feel of the venue before you book it. Does the space pass the vibe check? Is there enough room for any activities you have planned? Features like stages or dance floors are a big part of wedding receptions, and you’ll want to research the layout. For corporate events, is there enough room between tables for people to comfortably walk around? Even if the capacity for a venue meets your requirements, ensure the activities you have planned will fit in with the intended guest list.

Food & Drink

If the event requires food and drinks, you’ll have to consider your options. Talk with the venue to find out if outside catering or drinks are allowed. Some venues provide their own food and beverages so you don’t have to worry about looking for an additional catering service. You’ll also want to make sure the catering service can accommodate your projected guest list. Go over possible menus and alcoholic beverages (if needed) that can be provided before signing a contract.

If there’s anything to take away from this blog post, it’s to consider all your event needs when choosing a venue. At Town & Country Inn and Suites, we offer different sized rooms within our hotel to accommodate a variety of event types. We host various amenities to ensure the wants and needs of your corporate or social events are met. For more information on wedding reception venues specifically, check out our blog on choosing your wedding reception venue. Call us today at 217-214-0400 or shoot us an email at for more information on our event spaces.