December 1, 2021

Quincy is a hot spot location for wintering bald eagles. We are located on the second most populated eagle wintering location in the lower 50. They are located along the Great River Road in January and February and can be seen very easily! Quincy is centrally located amongst the best locations to view bald eagles in the area. You can travel north or south, or simply drive to the river from Town and Country Inn and Suites and start snapping pictures.

In January, Quincy hosts the Standing Bear Winter Gathering. Make it a weekend with this fabulous Native American celebration offering ceremonies, dancing, artwork, food, and drumming. They will have live bald eagles at the celebration to view as well!

Here are some tips on how to get the best bald eagle experience in Quincy:

  • Dress warmly, and drive 7 miles to Lock and Dam 21 in Quincy from our hotel.
  • Head out early in the morning when eagles are most active.
  • Stay as silent and physically quiet as possible so as to disturb the birds as little as possible.
  • Bring along binoculars, but you may not need them. In our area, you can see birds most of the time without them.
  • Most of all, respect the birds and the laws that protect them.

We hope this helps you plan your bald eagle experience! Town and Country Inn and Suites is conveniently located near the interstate, great food, and shopping. We have rooms for all sorts of budgets including suites with whirlpool tubs and more space than you will ever need. We look forward to seeing you!