February 29, 2024

Spring will be here next month, and it’s not too late to schedule those last-minute company conferences.

Town & Country Inn and Suites is your destination for your next business conference, meeting, or trade show. With large space available for any of these activities as well as suites where you can hold more personal, small meetings, we have you covered. 

What you can expect from T&C Inn when we host your business event:

  • Wifi – You will have ample access to the internet for all of your guests and presentation equipment. 
  • Flexible branding options – We will work hard with you to make sure all your signage and other branding materials are highlighted to their fullest potential.
  • Accessibility – We are right off the interstate and near major city roads so your out-of-town guests will have no trouble navigating to our location. No one-way streets to figure out, just a few turns once you are in town and you will be at our front door. 
  • Space – We are a large hotel with ample rooms for your event. Our Imperial Ballroom can hold up to 350 guests, while the Regency and Embassy rooms accommodate 40-100 guests. Give us a call to talk about your numbers and we will get you accommodated!
  • Catering – We can work with you to get your event catered with delicious food, whether it be for one dinner or a week of three meals a day. 
  • Technology – Our hotel offers state-of-the-art conference rooms and meeting spaces, furnished with audio and visual technology and high-speed internet access.

Hosting a business meeting or conference at Town & Country Inn and Suites is an opportunity to elevate your corporate event. With versatile meeting spaces, exceptional amenities, and a convenient location, we are dedicated to providing a seamless and productive experience for all attendees. Let us handle the logistics while you focus on delivering impactful content and fostering valuable connections.

Give us a call today to ask about available dates and get started on your meeting plans!