June 30, 2021

Do you have family coming to town soon? You should consider getting them accommodations at Town and Country Inn and Suites! While we do know that some people enjoy having people in their home, and perhaps they are lucky enough to have the space and number of bathrooms and beds needed, others are not so lucky. Are you one of the not so lucky ones?

Here is why you need to consider getting visiting family a room with us:

  • Free breakfast. One less meal to worry about!
  • Beds and hot water. If you don’t have the space, number of bathrooms or enough hot water to accommodate the number of people coming to visit – we do! 
  • Privacy. We love to see and spend time with our family, but at the end of the day it is wonderful to have our own space where we can relax and scroll through social media. Give that gift to your family and yourself, along with our free wifi. 
  • Space. Do you have a tiny dining room you are trying to serve a big meal in? We have suites with living rooms, dining rooms – in general, elbow room. 

Did we mention we also have a pool, whirlpool and bar? It is truly an enjoyable experience to stay at our hotel. Give yourself and your family the gift of T&C Inn.