May 27, 2021

Quincy IL is a beautiful town of 40,000 people nestled on the bluff overlooking the Mississippi river. If you are making a trip to Quincy, consider some of these interesting things to do!

Historical Interest

  • Dr. Richard Ells House – the first stop on the underground railroad from Missouri is right here in Quincy.
  • Mormon history in Quincy is deep. See artifacts and history at the Quincy History Museum.
  • Learn about the founding of Quincy and it’s founder, John Wood. What started as a single log cabin became a true Gem City.
  • The Potawatomi tribe of native americans were forced to march through Quincy by the United States government in 1838 on the trail of Death. A memorial to the Potawatomi tribe has been erected in Quincy.
  • Fr. Augustus Tolton came from slavery and is currently on his way to Catholic sainthood. He is buried in Quincy and you can find his grave St. Peter’s Cemetery.
  • Quincy is a German town, and our German history is prolific. To see German architecture and homes, visit Calftown and take a walk through history.
  • One of the most beautiful cemeteries you will see, Woodland Cemetery, is located in Calftown and is open to the public. Take a stroll and see the graves of Quincy’s founders, gorgeous headstones and breathtaking views of the river.

Quincy is chock full of parks and is proud of them. If nature is what you are looking for, visit the Quincy Parks District’s website and choose your adventure!

Beyond our history, Quincy is a thriving community with an eye on the future. With many local restaurants offering local brews and unique foods, our downtown area has local shops and events to keep an eye on. Local sports is provided by the Quincy Gems, Quincy University, and John Wood Community College.

Come, enjoy a weekend in our fair city, rest in luxury at T&C Inn. We look forward to seeing you!